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Tammie GrantI was able to interview Cosmetics Maker Tammie Grant, I’ve been using her amazing products for years. She developed the Skin Transforming System that focuses on “Wearing Your Vitamins” and her signature “Wonder Oils”. She makes skincare, organic body care, hair care, candles and room sprays.  I was given products for Christmas one year  from a friend, so I decided to stop in her Encino, California store. (She also had a Westlake Village location)  I felt like I was in a chic Spa, the 3,ooo  sq. ft store was filled with products and the sales girls looked like estheticians and wore white jackets & knowledgable, they offered warm tea while you shopped, the soap bar was 20 ft. long with sinks and lit candles were scattered everywhere. I was impressed and I must admit her Retinol and face oils are worth every penny.  Now, several years later I am so excited she gave me the opportunity to interview her.  After speaking with her, she’s a real down to earth woman. She is proof that women are capable of having a family, running a business and still finding happiness and enjoying life. Not to mention she’s a stunning mom of 3 children.

“I’ve learned you have to stop and smell the roses, just because you have a life doesn’t mean your living it” – Tammie Grant

First things first. I have to ask you what your skin and fitness routine is and what are your go to products. You look great and your skin is beautiful?  I use my entire skincare line and I actually like to layer my products. I exfoliate every morning, I apply Vitamin C, then Wonder face oils, then I put my peptide eye cream followed by Peptide Daily moisturizer with 30 SPF. It sounds like alot, but I love putting oils on then moisturizers on top, it locks in the hydration all day. At  night I cleanse, then apply Vitamin A-Retinol,  Vitamin C, the face oils then Peptide Night cream.

What about your fitness routine?  I workout at least 3 days a week and I drink a green smoothie every morning. I eat healthy at least 75% of my diet is healthy and 25% is what ever I want. That seems to work for me and satisfy my sweet tooth. I also drink plenty of water.

Whats in your green smoothie? Organic Romaine, Kale, Spinach, Celery, a green apple, lemon and ginger. I blend it all together and I drink it every morning for breakfast

You have beautiful skin, is it genetics or do you credit your skincare? Genetics always plays a role, but I will definitely say my skincare system plays the major role.  I’m an advocate for daily exfoliating and wearing your vitamins, I have been doing this for years. That has preserved my skin and minimized skin damage. I named my 4 step system the skin transforming system because it really does transform your skin into a healthy complexion. Wearing your vitamins makes a difference. I don’t just sell it, I do it.

When you started your company, you were pregnant with your third child, How did you manage that? Well, it was tough I admit. I worked from home so I was able to be home with the kids,  I  didn’t work full time, the kids were always first then came work. I worked many hours in the night when the kids were asleep. I was able to get more work done in the wee hours of the night. Deficiency of lack of sleep was a problem. I had to eventually use good time management and I had to keep a schedule.

How is running the household now? Now they are older so it’s easier. The kids actually help me and they sample products and give me their feedback. They are not afraid to give me their honest opinions. I love when they ask for more product because that means they ran out of product and like it. I have been doing this for so long, I now have a good schedule and I’m grounded. I make sure my time is well balanced with family, work, me time and a social life. I’ve got it down now, plus Im very aware to be more productive and less busy. I save a lot of time that way.

With your busy schedule, How do you stay calm?  I take breaks through out the day and just relax and calm my mind, I literally sit for a few minutes and clear my mind, this helps me to stay calm. Most importantly, I love spending time with my family and friends.  I always am with my daughters or my  girlfriends. We laugh and laugh and that relaxes me and regenerates me so I’m excited to get back to work. I’ve learned you have to stop and smell the roses, just because you have a life doesn’t mean your living it. I enjoy spending time with the people closest to me.

What’s a typical day for you? I get up early,  usually around 6:30. I make a green smoothie, answer emails, map out my day, then I workout, afterwards I start work by 9.  I pick up my daughter from school everyday, so I try to finish working by that time. This helps me to get a lot done before that time. I cook dinner and basically relax around the house or I have dinner with friends which is usually twice a week. But often my days are full and I work  late into the evening

Where do you like to eat? or your favorite restaurants?  My daughters and I love sushi so we frequent sushi restaurants a lot. I love Nobu in Malibu and we often eat Italian. There are several good restaurants in Calabasas where I live so we usually stay in the area, we have been going to a new place called The Six, I love their pizza and they have the best brussels sprouts I have ever tasted.

Tammie Grant face oilYou seem to prefer oils than creams? Yes, Im obsessed with Argan and Rosehip Seed oils. I like creams and I use them everyday but I prefer oils, again I love to layer my moisturizers. I always use an oil first then follow with a cream. I love how oils are concentrated, deep penetrating and 100% natural. I believe in my oils and they are some of the best oils that are high in anti-oxidants. They are a made with a blend of Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil, & other oils that compliment them. These oils do wonderous things, that’s why I call them Wonder oils. I’ve taken some of these oils such as Argan oil and tested them by themselves and also in a blend with other oils, and  the Argan oil with other oils showed better results, the different oils complimented each other. They performed better as a group than a single oil. So that’s how our Wonder oils were born.

You said you sampled ingredients and products on top of your hand, and that’s how you knew if the ingredient worked? Ha, Yes! I  always apply ingredients or new products on the back of my left hand, I did this almost everyday, it was a habit.  Then, I noticed my left hand started to look significatly different than my right hand. My left hand was much nicer and the skin texture was firm and even tone, it looked younger than my right hand. I was convinced those ingredients and products worked. I then had to start applying product to my right hand to catch up.

Most people don’t realize that you actually formulate products? Yes, I don’t just run a company or use other peoples formulations. I custom formulated many of my products including the wonder oils and the body care line. To me, thats the most fulfilling part of my work. I enjoy developing products from idea to actual product.

How do you feel about cosmetic treatments? I have no problem with them, I think some people really benefit from the treatments and need them. But you don’t have to only rely on cosmetic treatments, if you have a proper daily skincare system this will help preserve your skin, help slow the aging process and keep your skin healthy. This will help with reducing some of the treatments you may need. For example; sun damage, if you protect your skin with SPF this will limit the sun damage and you won’t need laser treatments.

Tammie Grant anti agersWhat do you think is the top Anti-Aging product? There are a few that everyone needs, but if I can only choose one I would have to say Vitamin A-Retinol, its a powerhouse anti-ager. It helps diminish soft lines and wrinkles, smoothes and evens the skin tone, reduces pore size and makes your skin radiant. I can tell when people use Retinol everyday because their skin is illuminated.

Any new products that you have or are developing? Yes, we just added a Body Jelly to our Wonder oil line. Its called  Wonder body jelly. It 100% natural and organic. Its just like our body oil but in a solid balm form, it’s made with Argan oil, Avocado oil and Rosehip Seed Oil.  We are also adding an Organic Hand wash and we just added several more candle fragrances because our Coconut Soy candles are doing very well. I’m currently working on a daily moisturizer with a minimum of 50 SPF.

Whats in store for the future? Well, I’m expanding my brand and launching a clothing collection in Fall 2014. I’ve been wanting to get back into fashion for awhile so I decided to just do it. Also, My skincare book is being released within the year so I have a few great projects and goals that are coming to fruition that I’m excited about.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: T. Delgado is a freelance writer and contributor to several beauty sites. She has a special interest in Beauty and Fitness.

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