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THINGS WE LOVE! Stuffed Strawberries and Summer Outfit

Stuffed Strawberries

    THINGS WE LOVE!Yummy Stuffed Strawberries with cream cheese and graham crackers. Another easy to make snack and perfect for the summer. STYLES WE LOVE! Love this relaxed jeans  outfit with a simple tank, a great hat, wedges and accessories. What’s also great is this outfit is budget friendly. Check out and...

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THINGS WE LOVE! Silver Necklace and Layered Dip in A Cup

Sister necklace

THINGS WE LOVE! Sterling silver necklace is very sweet and a special gift. They have other designs to choose from. To check out more necklaces like this, click here…… LAYERED DIP IN A CUP, what a great idea especially at parties! Easy to make and you can customize the dip to your taste. The...

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birthday cake martini

Birthday Cake Martini Here’s a cute martini drink to serve for a birthday celebration! Matching cupcakes would be great to go with the drink as well. Don’t forget the Cherry! 1.5 ounces vanilla vodka 1.5 ounces cranberry juice 1/2 ounce champagne Rim glass with Sprinkles. Combine vodka and cranberry juice in an ice shaker,...

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THINGS WE LOVE! The Chocolates, Cake, Chic Bedroom and Outfit

Chocolate malted cake.

Who doesn’t love chocolate! This chocolate malted cake is chocolate to die for! What’s so great about it, it’s pretty easy to make. Just make a chocolate layered cake as you would normally do with your favorite recipe or out of the box, then buy a large carton of malt balls that you can...

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THINGS WE LOVE! Red Boots, Red Glamour Dress and Red Raspberries

Raspberries w/chocolate Yum!

Red suede booties with gold metal heel! Hot and sexy. A beautiful ruffled dress and raspberries with milk chocolate and white chocolate. Easy to make, just use chocolate morsels or cut pieces of chocolate and white chocolate bars and put them in the raspberry. Yum!     ***

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THINGS WE LOVE! Chic Wall Organizer, Mini Taco Bowls and A Stylish jean outfit

Nola London Styles

A creative wall organizer that looks stylish and chic, it works well behind a door and and saves space. Mini Taco Bowls makes a great appetizer and are delicious.  A casual and stylish jean outfit is perfect anytime. Mini Taco Bowls Recipe                          ...

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Rockin The Thigh High Socks
Rockin The Thigh High Socks



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